Friday, October 24, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Readers,

Here is a personal story about kung fu.

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I was in the car and my dad did not wanted to tell me where he was taking me. I looked out the window and i saw that the streets were familiar. I told my dad where are we going over and over. “Dad can you please tell me where are you taking me,” I said. I thought that i was going skateboarding. I was really nervous and wondering.  
  “ I won’t tell you because its a secret,” my dad said.
“ Come on dad can you just tell me where are we going,” I said giggling. I asked my dad if we were going to walmart. I saw that there were no walmarts nearby.
“You will see when we get there,” My dad said. My dad said that we were almost there and when my dad said that i got so excited. We have arrived and I was so happy that we got here. “Come on dad lets go inside so I can be part of the group!” I said yelling. “Ernesto calm down there closed don’t you see there going to open at 2:30 and it's barely 1:54!” My dad said yelling. I was hurrying my dad so we can go inside but when he told me that they were closed I got sad. My dad was just looking inside. It was open so I ran inside so I can be part of the group. I really wanted to be part of the group but my dad needed to talk to the kung fu coach first. The coach needed one kid to be in kung fu and my dad signed me in. I was inside and i started in white belt. When it passed two weeks i got a yellow belt. We were going to fight the black dragons tomorrow. We were the white dragons and we were going against the black dragons. I was so excited to fight the black dragons. “Ernesto remember to concentrate and don’t look somewhere else ok,” my dad said.
“Ok dad i will,” I said. It was time to go and I couldn't wait to go there. It was time to fight and it was my turn to go and i won but the kung fu coach needed to say who won still.The fight has finished and the coach needed to see who won the most. The coach was going to say who won and who lost. Everybody was so scared. “ Lets see who is the winner the white dragons or the black dragons,” said the coach. The coach needed to see who got the most wins.  “And the winner is…”