Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Notes of Exploring

We been on our ship for five weeks. We were having a bad day on board. Two of our crew got sick but we were able to save them. Our crew was no longer sick and we were able to survive in ocean. Our ship was called the Boss because looked like bosses and because we were able to be save in our trip. Our ship was poor but our ship was able to survive. Our crew was poor too but none of our crew died. Our supplies and maps were good and we used our maps so we can not get lost. Our crew's morale was four but we moved to a three.

My Goals For The New Year

  • Play Video Games
  • Go Outside
  • Read Books
  • Watch TV
  • Do Chores
What i am going to do for the new year is 

How Do I Learn Best

Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Explorer

Men and Ladies,

      It was late in 1400 in the month of June. I've been part of the team of Spain and we wanted to claim a new land. We needed to get supplies and we got food so we can not get hungry.  When we got to our boat we saw Christopher Columbus trying to cross to Asia. I got out of the boat and went to get some more food because we were eating instead of traveling. When I went to go to the boat I saw that my crew was gone. I tried to find them by going around the ocean but I didn't see them. Two weeks later they came back. I told them that were they. My crew told me that they tried to claim a new land. My crew tried to claim a new land without me! My crew couldn't claim a new land. I was mad at my crew and when everybody was asleep I went to the boat and went traveling. When it was day time I came just in time so my crew could check in the boat if there was something bad. I was so tired that I even went to sleep when we were traveling. When we got to other land we saw first if we could claim a land. This strange person came to us and that we have to go now or he will kill us. We left so the man can not be so mad at us and kill us.